Friday, February 26, 2010

my best shot part 2:D

these are my shots inside our computer class. what better place than a place where easy access to twitter is available? had to hurry though, cause our prof just left our room for only a short time..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

giving my best shot -yugatech round 2 giveaway..:D

these are my photo entries for the great gadget giveaway round 2...
i have 73 entries all in all.. it took me a long time to compile all the pics... i went to a lot of places and my friends were very nice to pose for me.. i just have to get the winning shot.. i used different cameras(based on the availability.. i even had to borrow) but nonetheless it was fun. i hope i win!:D i'm crossing my fingers.. i leave all the rest to God..

here's me holding the poster in front of the registration for the BOTO MO PATROL MO!

our trip to DIVISORIA was the hardest photo to take.. it was scary to take a pic in the middle of the crowded street, let alone a street where a lot of snatchers are around. luckily, we did not meet anyone.. but it was still scary.. it was so crowded there, especially during saturdays, so everyone saw the poster.. hopefully they did follow.. haha:D

this was during the Fitness program in UST, where you could take your BMI, BP, etc.

During the MITING DE AVANCE of our local student council.. this was the registration period:P

inside SM MANILA:D
technology center, GF
where techie people buy gadgets..
wifi area too..
so they could go to TWITTER easily:D

disturbing the chess players..

in front of GLOBE CENTER.. hey, Globe is the sponsor right? Gotta have a photo..

stairs in SM MANILA

entering SM MANILA

outside SM MANILA..

outside CITY HALL

it was hard to get a photo here, but luckily i have a lot.. we circled the city hall for about an hour to find a decent crowd.. haha..

underpass going to manila city hall.. have to be careful because of the snatchers around..

inside the jeep.. everyone was looking at us, but that's the point:D

we looked for almost an hour for a lion and dragon.. finally, we found one.. haha.:D

in front of the firetruck..

close-up of the twitter bird:D

my poster:D

it was very challenging indeed.. i took a lot of photos and swallowed my shyness of a lot of people.. it really hard to even take the picture, but i did it... hope you had fun going through the pictures..:D
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