Monday, May 21, 2007

about me...

= May 2, 1990 :D

Eye Colour
= brown

Hair Colour
= brownish-black

= 5 '3

Right or Left Handed
= Right

Your Most Overused Phrase
= ah..ok..

Your Bedtime
=kahit anong oras..

McDonalds or Burger King
= McDonalds

Pizza or Chinese
= both..haha..

Waffles or Pancakes
= waffles

Chocolate or Vanilla
= mix na lang.. para masaya..haha..

Cappuccino or Coffee
= i don't drink coffee.. it makes me sleepy.. weird noh??

Do You Smoke
= no, and i have no plans..

Do You Drink
= syempre.. baka mamatay ako sa uhaw.. importante kaya ang tubig sa ating buhay.. haha..

Do You Swear
= as in curse?? no..

Do You Sing
= yes:)

Do You Shower Daily
= yes..:D

Do You Drive
= nope:(

Have You Been In Love
= no..

Do You Want To Get Married
= yup.. in the right age

Do You Believe in Yourself
= yes

Do You Get Motion Sickness
= sometimes..

Do You Get Along With Your Parents
= yupyup;D

Do You Have Any Brothers or Sisters
= yes.. achie and 2 shotis..

Do You Play an Instrument
= a little..

Do You Have any Pets
= dati.. ngayon la na..

What Is Your Favorite Colour
= pink and blue..

In the past month have you Drank Alcohol?
= nope..

In the past month have you Smoked
= never.. and never will i smoke..

In the past month have you been on Drugs
= no.. and have no intention to try..

In the past month have you gone to a Mall
= yup!

In the past month have you eaten Sushi
= yup.. nung bday party ng pinsan ko..

In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping
= no...

In the past month have you Stolen Anything
= no..

Ever Shoplifted
= nope. never

Ever Gotten a Speeding Ticket
= i don't drive:P

Ever Had a Secret Crush
= yes.. hahahaha

When Was the Last Time You Heard "I Love You"
= sa t.v....

When Was the Last Time You Cried
= uhm.. yung saturday.. i miss my parents na eh..

truths about me..

don't mind the numbers.. just copied this from a survey at friendster.. haha..

1. Real name: Ailenette Lesley Cua Ngo

2. Nickname: aiai, chubby, lilinet

3. Status: single

4. Zodiac sign: taurus

5. Male or Female: female

6. Elementary: HCHS

7. Highschool: HCHS

8. College: UST

10. Hair color: brownish black

11. Long or short: medium length

15. Are you health freak? nope

16. Height: 5'3

17. Do you like someone: ???

18. Do you like yourself: yup..

19. Piercings: none..

20. Tattoos: none..

21. Righty or lefty: righty

22. First surgery: none..

23. First piercing: none..

24. First best friend: Sarahlyn and Debralyn.. up to now!!:D

25. First award: basta outstanding in class..

26. First sport you joined: tug-of-war

27. First pet: dog

28. First vacation: beach..

29. First concert: none.. haha..

30. First crush: uhm.. basta..

49. Eating: Chinese,Japanese,Italian foods.. turon, donut.. haha..

50. Drinking: water.. and mango shakes..:D

52. I'm about: to sleep..

55. Waiting for: first day of college..

58. Want kids?: yup.. sa future..

59. Want to get married?: yup.. sa future din siyempre..

60. Careers in mind? accountant.. and entrepreneur.. haha..


68. Lips or eyes: eyes..

69. Hugs or kisses: hugs..

70. Shorter or taller: taller..

72. Romantic or spontaneous: romantic..

73. Nice stomach or nice arms: ????

74. Sensitive or loud: sensitive..

75. Hook-up or relationship:relationship

77. Trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant


78. Kissed a stranger: no

79. Drank bubbles: no

80. Lost glasses/contacts: nope.. haha.. lagi lang misplaced..

81. Ran away from home: no

84. Broken somone's heart: never..

85. Been arrested: no

86. Turned someone down: never..

87. Cried when someone died: Yes

88. Liked a friend: yes


89. Yourself: yup

90. Miracles: yes..

91. Love at first sight: no

92. Heaven: and hell: yup

93. Santa claus: no

94. Sex on the first date: eww!! NO!

95. Kiss on the first date: no=P


97. Is there one person you want to be
with right now?
- yes.. parents..

98. Had more than one
boyfriend/girlfriend at one time?
- no

99. Do you believe in God?
- YES.. and you should to.. before it's too late..

Sunday, May 20, 2007

lessons learned...

well.. since wala akong magawa.. at naisip ko rin na i-share na lang ang mga natutunan ko for the past few days.. hehe...

well sa bible study to eh.. i've learned na kailangan talaga natin to be ready for the second coming of Christ at we really will never know kung kelan yung time na iyon.. kaya we should share the gospel and spread the word.. .. i think i would post kung ano ang mga natututunan ko sa bible study dito.. and if i have the time, i would take the time to share the good news here.. kaya nga i'm excited to join the EVANGICUBE seminar that's gonna be held on thursday. it would teach us to spread the gospel in a cool new way.. hehe.. hope that it would teach me well and i would get to share the gospel..

the other thing that i have learned in Bible study is that everyone of us is created uniquely.. alam ko na we all know that, pero parang ngayon i look at it at a different view.. kasi lahat talaga tayo ay may gift, whether academically, physically.. artistically. kahit nga being friendly eh.. hehe.. o diba?? so don't be disspointed kung inisip mo na wala kang talent.. or you're not gifted.. maybe you just need to get to know yourself better.. just like me.. haha.. my gift will be to spread the good news.. haha..

ok till here..
God bless...:D

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

XS Chinese camp 2007

grabe.. halos one month rin kaming andon..

parang kami ay nakakulong sa PBB house.. hehe...
isang buwan walang TV, Computer....
pero thank God, may cellphone at telephone...

nakakamiss talaga ang lahat ng tao doon..
close man o hindi..
parang naging kapamilya na rin ang turingan namin...
aaminin kong nahihiya akong umiyak.. haha.. pero kasi pag umiyak ako walang tigil.. hehe:D sawa na akong umiyak...
tsaka kahit na nagkahiwalay man kami, i know God will make a way for us to cross paths again... it's not the end of the world.. haha..

sa sobrang dami ng nangyari doon, nkakatamad ng ikwento sa blog ko.. kaya reminiscing na lang..

mamimiss ko ang paggising sa umaga para mag-taichi... kahit na nakakatamad.. at least pag may nakita akong nag-tataichi.. sabay kami.. haha...

mamimiss ko rin ang breakfast, kahit na sa bahay ay hindi ko ugali kumain ng breakfast...

mamimiss ko ang BIBLE STUDY namin... akala ko magiging stagnant ako sa camp, pero God used me to share.. and si pastor Kelvin.. na alam kong may future mag-pastor..:D kahit na minsan ay konti lang ang nasha-share, nagiging fruitful din naman..
at happy ako kasi marami ang nagaccept at sinabi na they'll live their life for CHRIST!:D

mamimiss ko yung class ng ti san pan, kahit na minsan ay nakakatulog ako sa klase.. hehe:D medyo mahirap ang mga lessons pero kaya pa rin..

mamimiss ko ang wu tao lessons kahit na i hate dancing.. at least once in my life masasabi ko na nakasayaw ako.. hehe:D

mamimiss ko ang lunch time.. haha... lalo na ang mga kulitan with the teachers during lunch.. *teachers from China.. hindi sila madonna.. di ko maimagine.. haha:P*

mamimiss ko ang break after lunch.. ang pagtulog at ang paglaro ng UNO.. hehe.. minsan ran BIBLE STUDY time to..

mamimiss ko ang history class... ni once di ako naka-recite.. kaya wala ako prize..*boohoo*

mamimiss ko ang merienda.. lalong lalo na ang halo-halo.. di ko na nga alam kung anong nasa loob nun eh.. halo-halo talga..

mamimiss ko ang playground.. para kaming mga-isip bata na naglalaro doon.. pero masaya..

hanggang dito na lang muna ang aking kwento.. dahil tinatamad na me.. di bale.. dadagdagan ko na lang.. hehe:D
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