Wednesday, September 27, 2006

just me....

i have noticed that i haven't introduced myself.. well.. now's the time....

age: 16 birthdate: MAY 2, 1990 5:10am
favorites: just look in my profile...

i am named "Ailenette" because i was "maliit", thus "Ay, liit.." Ailenette
i don't know how to introduce myself... haha...
brain is not functioning well.. next time.. maybe....

Thursday, September 21, 2006

56 people???? wow!!:)

yahoo... i just saw that a total of 56 people have viewed my blog.. please view my profile too...:) anyway.. got nothing to say... that's all..... thanks for visiting my blog...:)

Monday, September 18, 2006

my hidden talent...

Your Hidden Talent

You are a great communicator. You have a real way with words.
You're never at a loss to explain what you mean or how you feel.
People find it easy to empathize with you, no matter what your situation.
When you're up, you make everyone happy. But when you're down, everyone suffers.

my birthdate...

Your Birthdate: May 2

You're so intuitive, it's like you have a sixth, seventh, and eighth sense.
You connect with others freely and easily - and you tend to have many best friends.
Warm and caring, it's hard for you to close your heart to anyone.
Affection is like air for you - you need to give and receive it to survive.

Your strength: Your universal compassion

Your weakness: Your unpredictable mood swings

Your power color: Mauve

Your power symbol: Butterfly

Your power month: February

hehe.. am i like that???????

jelly beans.. yum...:P

You Are a Cinnamon Jelly Bean

Sassy and bold, your behavior is often shocking - even to those who know you well. And while you're too hot to handle, people still are addicted to you.

only 32% shy...???!!!???

You Are 32% Shy

You are slightly shy, but overall, your reactions to social situations are normal.
You dread difficult social situations, but you still handle them with grace.

totally not true... haha..
i'm very shy.. it's supposed to be 100% shy..but the computer's also very shy.. haha...

old fashioned name

Your Old Fashioned Name Is...

Charity Ashcombe

yuck... what kind of name is that...
joke...:) kinda like it.. CHARITY... it has a nice ring to it...:P

my career???

Your Career Personality: Empathetic, Loyal, and People-Oriented

Your Ideal Careers:

Corporate trainer
Events Coordinator
Small Business Owner
Social Worker

maybe.. maybe.. is there an accountant,... haha...
still don't know what to take up in college.. help me!!!!!!!!

me as a candy?? yum...:)

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Very popular, one of you is not enough.
What Kind of Candy Are You?

so tasty.. haha.. love it...:)

about everything.. haha,,,

i'm so bored... i don't have anything to do.. actually i'm just wasting our internet card since today's the last day.... is i-republic 30 days?? not so sure.. but today's the 30th day, so if it isn't then tough luck.. if it is.. yahoo...... hahaha...

i'm depressed since i think nobody's reading my blog.. but that's okay.. that's the risk i have to take in having my own blog.. haha..... so that's the risk i'm willing to take since ilove to blog... so much... i'm addicted, but not totally... got my point? hehe:P blogging's cool.. thanks to me.. i think i just started a fad for my friends.. but not so sure.. but i think so... hehe...

i haven't commented on last friday's fellowship... so enjoy.. hehe.... lots of food... also not only that.. we have some sharing too... next week's film showing.. don't know what kind of film.. but i would be there... not gonna miss fellowship for nothing.. one of the things for my spiritual growth in Christ.... the other's are reading the BIBLE daily...(really doing it...have learned a lot...), going to church weekly... hehe.. and weekly BIBLE study..

if you want to join, tell me.. it's every saturday 1-3pm at YGC, achie Ana is our counselor. other members of the team are....Jolly Ann Golamco and Deniece Arquiza.... i'm Ailenette Ngo btw.:)

my other result...

You Are An ESFP

The Performer

You are a natural performer and happiest when you're entertaining others.
A great friend, you are generous, fun-loving and optimistic.
You love to laugh - and you like almost all people equally.
You accept life as it is, and you do your best to make each day fantastic.

You would make a good actor, designer, or counselor.

yeah.. sometimes i think that i rahter be a counselor.. but not quite sure... they say that i act good, but i don't believe htem.. hehe... me a designer? no way... i'm not that creative...:P
yeah i'm happy entertaining people... i think i'm kinda like what the result says.. but not quite that sure...
you have to be the judge of that....

my personality test result....

Your Personality Profile

You are funky, outdoorsy, and down to earth.
While you may not be a total hippie...
You're definitely one of the most free spirited people around.

You are very impulsive - every day is a new adventure.
However, you do put some thought behind all your actions.
Still, you do tend to shock and offend people from time to time!

so so bored...

my type of soda...

You Are Dr. Pepper

You're very unique and funky, yet you still have a bit of traditionalism to you.
People who like you think they have great taste... and they usually do.

Your best soda match: Root Beer

Stay away from: 7 Up

haha.. don't even know what dr.pepper tastes like... hehe:)

what my birth month means....

Your Birth Month is May

Unique and creative, you seek your own path in life.
You love change and are able to adapt to any situation.

Your soul reflects: Sweetness, joy, and a complete life.

Your gemstone: Emerald

Your flower: Lily of the Valley

Your colors: Yellow, red, and green

my outrageous name...

Your Outrageous Name is:

Candy Yass

hehe... also call me by this name:)

my number....

You Are 2: The Helper

You always put on a happy face and try to help those around you.

You're incredibly empathetic and care about everyone you know.

Able to see the good in others, you're thoughtful, warm, and sincere.

You connect with people who are charming and charismatic.

is that true??? hehe:)
got nothing.. so filling my blog with results from quizzes...
You Are a Snarky Blogger!
You've got a razor sharp wit that bloggers are secretly scared of.And that's why they read your posts as often as they can!
What Kind of Blogger Are You?

ganito raw ako... no way.. ganyan ba ako????
Your French Name is:
Bonamy Mouton

my french name.. if you read this call me by this name.. hehe:)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

about love....

the test said i'm a.................Scaredy-Cat. Past experiences and horror stories from friends leave you too scared to fall in love. Burst out of your cocoon and take the risk! Who knows? Your happy ending may just be waiting to happen. maybe... yeah.. too scared to fall in love because of what i seen heard ... etc.. besides... wala namang naniligaw sa akin eh... wish ko lang... that's all... :)

randoms songs game... try it...

Hey, peeps!
The rules are simple:1. Put your music player on shuffle.2. Press forward for each question.3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING!
Some of the answers I got were strange. Others, downright funny! Let me know what happens with yours…

1. How are you feeling today? "Angels brought me here" by Guy sebastian
anything that happens today, the angels brought me there:0
2. Will you get far in life?"the perfect fan" by backstreet boys

by knowing God more by being His perfect fan:)
3. How do your friends see you?"Fallin" by Keahiwai
weird... hahaha.... i'm not fallin in love...
4. Will you get married?"symphony #9" by Beethoven
does this mean NO? i'll be a classical nightmare... no.........
5. What is your best friend's theme song?"Kisapmata" by Rivermaya
don't know that well... still getiing to know...
6. What is the story of your life?"Waiting for your love" by Stevie B.

longing for love??? God's love maybe....
7. What was high school like?"one more try" by A1
need to work harder... haha.. one more try in life before college...
8. How can you get ahead in life? "Could it be any harder" by The calling

wishing life's not that hard....
9. What is the best thing about your friends?"Wherever you will go" by the Calling
we are htere for each other... that's right...:P
10. What is today going to be like?"closer you and i" by Gino Padilla
gonna meet someone????
11. What is in store for the weekend?"i will be here" by Gary V.

who's gonna be there??? :)
12. What song describes you?"officially missing you" by Tamia
yeah.. totally missing my parents... so so much...
13. To describe your grandparents?"i'd rather" by Luther Vandros
i want to be near them... huhuhu....
14. How is your life going?"How did i fall in love with you" by Backstreet boys
i'm not in love.. so doesn't apply to me...
15. What song will they play at your funeral?"in the rush" by blackstreet

everybody loves me.. and will miss me... not gonna happen soon i hope...
16. How does the world see you?"Like a rose" by A1

precious and special..???
17. Will you have a happy life?"U remind me" by usher
hope so....maybe cause the song's happy...
18. What do your friends really think of you?"Forevermore" by sideA
i will be there forevermore...:)
19. Do people secretly lust after you?"Confessions partII" by Usher

hmmm... dont know the meaning of that one.. maybe yea,, hope not...
20. How can I make myself happy?"True" by Ryan Cabrera

by being with someone??? being by myself i can be happy....
21. What should you do with your life?"Burn" by Usher
i could spark a fire in someone's heart and help them in life... hope so.... forget it and move on.. if i have a broken relationship which will happen a thousand years from now....
22. Will you ever have children?"Alumni Homecoming" by Prokya ni Edgar

hope so... song's about love....
that's it... hope you got to know me more... although it's really just random songs.. and i used the songs from our compuiter since we don't have an i-pod....
leave a comment ..... :)

me? a marshmallow??

if i were a candy, the test said i would be.....Marshmallow. You're a real softie, alright! A romantic at heart, you easily get teary-eyed over sappy movies and romantic poetry. Everyone just can't help but be charmed by your rare, gentle spirit and sweet nature. People like you `cause: You're sincere and genuinely nice; the ever-dependable friend anyone would love to have. Words you live by: "Love makes the world go `round."
wow.. that's kinda true.. i'm really a softie, but not that much.. i don't cry every single time.. i don't know about that everyone is charmed by me.. you be the judge of that... that's it.. leave a comment if i'm really like a marshmallow:)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


so happy, just saw that a total of 16 people have viewed my blog... yipee... so so happy... just leave your comment okay???
hehe.. today was fine, learned alot from teacher maggie.. :) suggested a lot that i could use for college.. like i have to have high grades on the english, filipino.. during the first years in college, so htat if i would shift course, then it wouldn't be that hard since you have high grade.. right??? so cool... and think about what you really like to take up in college.. hard to bother with those shfting course stuffs.. hehe...:) anyway... math used to be my favorite subject(still is...), but i just don't like our teacher(no name mentioning...), he really don't know how to teach, other sections are in statistics already.. while we're still in probability and still not getting it...
probability of passing his subject: one in a million.. unless of course you ask for help.. hten it's one in 40.. haha... :) week's the so-called accreditation.... papaimpress na naman ang school. they want to have a high accreditation by being plastics, anyway that's what all schools are doing in their accreditation anyway.. that's fair,but then everyone would pass since it's cheating. i hope accreditations are surprised, so that we'll really know if we qualify or not. period.
hmmm... we shared some of our secrets today.. not saying who... hehe.... :)
what more?? nothing much... hehe.. just excited for friday... gonna be so much fun... so come to student fellowship(take note: YGC, not at HCHS). i just enjoy student fellowship in YGC rather than the fellowship at our school.... hehe...:)
continue to grow more in Christ... God bless you all!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Please leave a comment

Please some comments, so that i'll know that someone is reading my blog, even if it's short i'll deeply appreciate it.. and be honest, so that i'll know what to change in my blog and so on... if you want to know me more or want to ask some questions, then leave that as a comment, or you could email me/ ym me .... thanks a lot..... :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

my dream items......... HELLO KITTY...:P

this is what i want....
it really lokks cool...

eto naman dream cellphone ko.. pag nakapunta ako ng Taiwan, bibilihin ko yan...

Monday, September 04, 2006

field trip and etc.....

last september2, 2006, we just had the most boring field trip ever....
super boring... i didn't learn anyhting from it and to top it all of, we are supposed to pass this assignment about it. talk about torture! anyway, the fun time was spent on the bus. we have watched Scary MOvie 4 and the first few minutes, there wasn't any sound, so i have to dub it.. hehe.. it was kinda fun.... anyway we didn't finish the whole movie because we are gonna watch Oedipus hte king. it was a boring play, to be totally honest. i only like Oedipus and Jocasta. that's all. all those museums are boring, because the speaker wasn't that good. anyway, on the way home, we watched Love so divine by papa cholo? hehe.. i only liked the singing thing.
i just wasted four hours waiting for the doctor!! why? because we needed his evaluation for DSWD or something. well, there have been rumors that we may migrate ot US, it may or may not coe true, all i know is that we're giving it a try. so Us wait for us..:) anyway, that's all for now.. hope that a lot of people would view my blog:)

Friday, September 01, 2006

my first blog post...........:)

this is my first ever post....
i dont know what to say...
all i know is that i want to have my own blog.....:)
hmm... well... tomorrows our field trip and i think it would be the most boring field trip ever..... imagine we're just gonna watch a no-nonsense play and then go to a museum... it has to be boring.. nothing else could explain it more....
whew.. hehe,.... i really love going to YGC, you can always feel at home there, at least for me.. even though none of my friends were with mr today(at YGC), i still enjoyed it.. it really was a lot of fun... okay.. till here.. more about it next time...
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