Monday, September 18, 2006

about everything.. haha,,,

i'm so bored... i don't have anything to do.. actually i'm just wasting our internet card since today's the last day.... is i-republic 30 days?? not so sure.. but today's the 30th day, so if it isn't then tough luck.. if it is.. yahoo...... hahaha...

i'm depressed since i think nobody's reading my blog.. but that's okay.. that's the risk i have to take in having my own blog.. haha..... so that's the risk i'm willing to take since ilove to blog... so much... i'm addicted, but not totally... got my point? hehe:P blogging's cool.. thanks to me.. i think i just started a fad for my friends.. but not so sure.. but i think so... hehe...

i haven't commented on last friday's fellowship... so enjoy.. hehe.... lots of food... also not only that.. we have some sharing too... next week's film showing.. don't know what kind of film.. but i would be there... not gonna miss fellowship for nothing.. one of the things for my spiritual growth in Christ.... the other's are reading the BIBLE daily...(really doing it...have learned a lot...), going to church weekly... hehe.. and weekly BIBLE study..

if you want to join, tell me.. it's every saturday 1-3pm at YGC, achie Ana is our counselor. other members of the team are....Jolly Ann Golamco and Deniece Arquiza.... i'm Ailenette Ngo btw.:)

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