Tuesday, September 12, 2006


so happy, just saw that a total of 16 people have viewed my blog... yipee... so so happy... just leave your comment okay???
hehe.. today was fine, learned alot from teacher maggie.. :) suggested a lot that i could use for college.. like i have to have high grades on the english, filipino.. during the first years in college, so htat if i would shift course, then it wouldn't be that hard since you have high grade.. right??? so cool... and think about what you really like to take up in college.. hard to bother with those shfting course stuffs.. hehe...:) anyway... math used to be my favorite subject(still is...), but i just don't like our teacher(no name mentioning...), he really don't know how to teach, other sections are in statistics already.. while we're still in probability and still not getting it...
probability of passing his subject: one in a million.. unless of course you ask for help.. hten it's one in 40.. haha... :)
hmm...next week's the so-called accreditation.... papaimpress na naman ang school. they want to have a high accreditation by being plastics, anyway that's what all schools are doing in their accreditation anyway.. that's fair,but then everyone would pass since it's cheating. i hope accreditations are surprised, so that we'll really know if we qualify or not. period.
hmmm... we shared some of our secrets today.. not saying who... hehe.... :)
what more?? nothing much... hehe.. just excited for friday... gonna be so much fun... so come to student fellowship(take note: YGC, not at HCHS). i just enjoy student fellowship in YGC rather than the fellowship at our school.... hehe...:)
continue to grow more in Christ... God bless you all!!!!!!!

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