Monday, September 04, 2006

field trip and etc.....

last september2, 2006, we just had the most boring field trip ever....
super boring... i didn't learn anyhting from it and to top it all of, we are supposed to pass this assignment about it. talk about torture! anyway, the fun time was spent on the bus. we have watched Scary MOvie 4 and the first few minutes, there wasn't any sound, so i have to dub it.. hehe.. it was kinda fun.... anyway we didn't finish the whole movie because we are gonna watch Oedipus hte king. it was a boring play, to be totally honest. i only like Oedipus and Jocasta. that's all. all those museums are boring, because the speaker wasn't that good. anyway, on the way home, we watched Love so divine by papa cholo? hehe.. i only liked the singing thing.
i just wasted four hours waiting for the doctor!! why? because we needed his evaluation for DSWD or something. well, there have been rumors that we may migrate ot US, it may or may not coe true, all i know is that we're giving it a try. so Us wait for us..:) anyway, that's all for now.. hope that a lot of people would view my blog:)

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