Sunday, May 20, 2007

lessons learned...

well.. since wala akong magawa.. at naisip ko rin na i-share na lang ang mga natutunan ko for the past few days.. hehe...

well sa bible study to eh.. i've learned na kailangan talaga natin to be ready for the second coming of Christ at we really will never know kung kelan yung time na iyon.. kaya we should share the gospel and spread the word.. .. i think i would post kung ano ang mga natututunan ko sa bible study dito.. and if i have the time, i would take the time to share the good news here.. kaya nga i'm excited to join the EVANGICUBE seminar that's gonna be held on thursday. it would teach us to spread the gospel in a cool new way.. hehe.. hope that it would teach me well and i would get to share the gospel..

the other thing that i have learned in Bible study is that everyone of us is created uniquely.. alam ko na we all know that, pero parang ngayon i look at it at a different view.. kasi lahat talaga tayo ay may gift, whether academically, physically.. artistically. kahit nga being friendly eh.. hehe.. o diba?? so don't be disspointed kung inisip mo na wala kang talent.. or you're not gifted.. maybe you just need to get to know yourself better.. just like me.. haha.. my gift will be to spread the good news.. haha..

ok till here..
God bless...:D

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