Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I Love You Lord… Poem na ginawa ko habang Theo class.. haha..

Knowing You’re there every moment that I’m awake,

You being there w/ every breath that I take.

This love I’m feeling for You I just can’t shake,

I’ll do everything for You; I just don’t want to see you ache.

You gave me everything that I need,

Your word I will do on my every word and deed.

I know that doing that would take a while,

But I’m determined to do it just to make you smile.

Your life You gave to me,

Died on the cross so that I could be free.

Your gift of eternal life saved me,

I owe my life only to Thee.

Thank you for everything you’ve done,

Thank you for letting me see the sun shine.

My life would simply be incomplete,

W/o the joy and pleasure of knowing You.

I love You with all my heart,

& I know You knew that right from the start.

I simply would be lost without Your love,

I would just like to shout to the world that I LOVE YOU LORD!

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Deandra said...

Well written article.

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