Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Being Chinese=D

1. Your standards for evaluation are limited to "not bad" (bwe-phai) and "good enough" (ham-ham). -- yeah.. haha

2. You count every single centavo that comes in and out of your wallet. -- sobra.. pra sure ako san napupunta.. sayang pera..:D
3. You watched the PROC National Day celebration on Sky/Home Cable.

4. You watch the old Chinese variety shows on CTV and the rest of the Chinese channels on cable. -- pag walang mapanuod.. pero ngayon palagi na.. especially Taiwanese series=P

5. You voted Fred Lim for president.
-- haha.. syempre.. support our own race!!

6. People have told you, "Magaling ka pala managalog.
-- oo, tapos tatanungin ilang years ka na sa Phil..

7. You're the prime target of 'kotong cops' in Binondo.

8. You make today's rice tomorrow's fried rice.
-- di fried rice.. basta di tinatapon.. sayang eh.. hinahalo na lang sa new rice..

9. Today's leftovers are tastefully mixed in tomorrow's bi-hun or ma-mi.

10.The only thing you can read in a Chinese daily is the daily's name .

11. Your pinoy friends ask for tikoy from you, and they're more excited eating it than you are (now they ask for different flavors of tikoy pa!).
-- oo nga.. sawa na nga ako sa tikoy eh=P

12. You aren't allowed to wear black, although you want to look thinner. *not in special occasions though*
-- oo.. papagalitan ako pagnagsuot ako..

13. Your family car's plate number has an 8. = not only that...jersey number... cellphone number
-- as in 888 haha..:D

14. When you speak to an elder and you forget the chinese term for a particular item, and say "ahhh hio-nge hio-nge hio-nge basta hio-nge, la!".
-- sometimes..

15. Your friends greet your parents "a-pe or um-a, good evening!".
-- or ae at aku.. hehe..

16. You end up being the tour guide everytime you and your Pinoy friends make an expedition to Binondo.

17. You went bananas when Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat and Jet Lee went
--yeah.. haha.. gotta be proud:D

18. You affix "-la", "-lo" to your Pinoy/Taglish sentences.
-- cguro..

19. You affix "ba", "naman" or "pa" to your Chinese sentences. *kaya nga nagagalit si mama eh.*
-- oo.. halos palagi.. hehe.. ganon talaga eh..

20. Your food vocabulary consists of ...kiam-pong, cha-pong, am-beh, mi-sua , cha-sio,ma-ki-mi, hee-chee, machang.

21. Your parents think that a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is the same as getting married.

22. You Speak chinese at home, speak Filipino with friends, and write letters in English! -- soo true.. haha..

23. You talk a lot at home but when relatives from China come to stay. u become as meek as a goat around them and all you say is "Ho", "Tam-po", "Eh Hiaw".
-- oo nga..

24. You love Lao Fu Zi even if you could never figure out what they were talking about.

25. You know the beneficial effects of chrysanthemum tea and black duck soup.

26. You say "Wa-kah-nga !" or "In-yah-wah-kwee-yah!"
-- yes..

27. You've eaten food after it has been offered to your dead ancestors.
--yes!! lalo na pag nov1.. dami ng food.. yum!!:D

28. You pronounce "C" or "K" like "KH" like "khas" instead of cash, "khomputer" for computer.

29. You have a cough, and your mom insists that you drink 'ki-pe-lo' and for stomach ache, 'tsing-lo-ing'.

30. When seated around a chinese lauriat, you insist back and forth that other people take the first serving *elderly first*
-- yah.. nagkakahiyaan pa..

31. You mix the hard-boiled egg cooked in adobo (lo-neng) with your rice.
--yup yup.. super yummy:D

32. Tinutusok mo nalang iyong fish/meat/squid ball with your chopsticks!
-- it's easier..

33. Kung hindi mo na matusok ang fish/meat/squid ball with your chopstick, kinakamay mo nalang.
--y not?

34. Your parents (esp. the mother) claim they're both Buddhist/Taoist and Christian!!! -- uo.. haha.. weird

35. You have to work on the 24th, 25th, 30th, and 31st of December.

36. You had culture shock in college.
-- YES...

37. Your pinoy friends ask for the chinese translation of "I love you", and certain "curse words".
-- ya..

38. You go to Hap Chan for a mid-night snack.
-- yup..

39. The only first aid kit you bring with you is white flower.
-- super effective:D

40. You think the center of life in the Philippines is around the 3 mile radius of Binondo church.
-- haha..:D

41. You are a tsinoy, when in math class, you mumble the chinese multiplication table when mutiplying numbers. Ex. Di it Di (2x1=2) ; Di Di Si (2x2=4).
-- oo.. it's easier.. .and parang di mo na makalimutan.. haha..

42. If you are male, you have a name that ends with "-son", i.e. jefferson,emerson, wilson, harrison, stevenson, michaelson, kingson.

43. You understand why "kai-shao" is more complicated than a "blind date".
-- yes... pressure... =P haha!!

44. The first reaction from new pinoy friends is "mayayaman ang mga intsik!".
-- hindi naman lahat mayaman no.. we know how to value money and how to use it

45. At least one member of your family has already gone to China to "than-chin" (visit relatives)
-- yah.. sana ako rin.. hehe

46. You greet a friend on the phone by asking if he's eaten (dee chia beh?) or what he is doing (leh tshong shia?).
-- oo nga noh.. haha.. respect na rin..

47. You say: (a) 'kain ng gamot' instead of 'inom ng gamot' (chia iyo kasi, eh) (b) 'hugas ng picture' instead of 'pa-develop ng picture' (swe siong kasi, eh).
--yah.. haha..

Some of the "down sides"
1. Your 'howe' must be a Chinese too.
-- it's not so bad.. i like chinese.. haha.. brainwashed na ata ako.. hehe..

2. Literacy in Fukien is a must.
-- in Phil yes.. haha.. but MAndarin too,,:D

3. Black is a big NO.
-- true.. i can't wear black.. haha.. and i don't want to..

4. You are required to work during your free time... no excuses.

5. You are required to know everything, ignorance won't be tolerated (especially when you're a guy) .
--so true..

6. You should be home by 9pm or 10pm (for girls with extremely strict families) or 12pm max (for girls with medyo strict families).
-- and if you're not yet home lagooot... haha

Some of the "good sides"
1. You get a lot of "ang pao" during your birthday, Christmas, Chinese Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year.
-- YEHEY!! =)

2. You get new set of clothes during Chinese New Year.

3. You get a lot of stuff during Mooncake Festival at "pua tiong tsiu".
--yes.. sana chiong wan ulit!!:D

4. You are always fetched by car (for girls with extremely strict families :) but sometimes it can be annoying for the girls).

5. Asking for discount in 168 Mall or Divisoria Mall is easier. (since sellers are people from China so you can talk to them easily).
--sometimes.. pero minsan nandadaya sila!!! haha.. :D

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