Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dream or Family? please help me decide today.

Will i go to China for the study tour? or just stay here in the Philippines? my grandmother is going to celebrate her big 80th birthday celebration and she's coming from USA.. haay.. so will i go or not? please help me decide.. i really don't know what to do. i don't know what i should prioritize first.. haay.. i thought everything's going to be alright, but it seems to get worse. if i go, my whole family(father side wouild get angry with me) i think.. if i don't .. my dreams would be shattered and all my hardworks would be wasted. haay..

should i put myself first just for once in my life? or should i still cling to my family? this is really a tough decision. i know that whichever decision i made, i will still be sad about it. it's a a lose-lose situation. i know that i could still go to Beijing even after this but would i still have the time or the money? i don't think so. if i don't go, i know i would regret every single minute of it and would not enjoy the celebration here. i would sulk all day and blame everybody within a 5-mile radius. yeah dramatic. haay.. just need some help for me to decide.. i really can't choose between the two. i'm dead.

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