Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Frustrated.. 只要笑一笑!没什麼事情过不了!!

it seems like nothing's going right in my life right now. no matter how hard i try, i always come out as a failure, no matter how hard i work, nobody appreciates me. i guess at times, i try to goof off so that someone might actually notice me, as if to at least make me feel noticed.. unappreciated but noticed. i seem to always make the wrong decisions. i guess i'm definitely a failure. no matter how hard i try to cheer myself up, i just can't. even constantly remembering my motto 只要笑一笑!没什麼事情过不了!!, just won't work these days.. it means "just smile, you could go through it all." i know i can do it.. all i have to do is smile..

i only wish it would be that easy..

i'm not looking for sympathy.. i'm just expressing what i feel at the moment..

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