Thursday, October 11, 2007

One Way..

post ko lang yung retreat song namin.. hehe..

ako sumulat.. hehe.. God used me to be HIS INSTRUMENT...

eto story.. hehe.. at first, sumali lang ako at nagpasa ng poem dahil yung prize ay libre sa retreat.. syempre, gusto ko non.. para makatipid.. of course, i prayed na tulungan ako ni God para makasulat ng song for Him.. yung poem na iyan ay not only me, but with the help of GOd.. gulo ba? basta God helped me so iwon't take full credit for it. i give the glory all to God.. hehe..

so kaya ko naisipan na sumulat is because i dont want to pay for my retreat.. para free na.. i got more than i bargained for.. hehe.. it fulfilled me, because i never knew that doing something for God is more fulfilling than anything else...

One Way..(walang definite title to..)

There is only one way,

one way to salvation,

one way to find the peace that passeth all understanding

and that way is found in Jesus Christ our LOrd,

but the journey's not done,

there's still a long long road ahead,

but if we have Jesus then all is sure to follow.

WE encounter all these hardships in life,

and sometimes we feel we can't carry on.

But if we carefully think of what path to choose,

then everyhting would be alright.

There's this journey that we call life,

though we can't seem to figure out what is right,

but with the Lord as our guide,

we can bear His light,

then our lives would go on right.

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