Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the color BLUE...


Blue is the color loved by me and you,

I have my definition and so do you.

Blue signifies life and so you all say,

I think it defines death, is that okay?

You might question me why I think that way,

It’s the reason sadness won’t go away.

Blue is the color of my eyes at night,

The reason why I’m still standing to fight.

Blue is the inspiration I turn to,

My reason for living and breathing too.

Blue is the color of the vast deep sea,

The sea of grief that surrounds you and me.

Blue is the feeling of melancholy,

It’s the look on my face, do you not see?

Blue drives me crazy and somewhat insane,

When I look at it all I see is flame.

It’s the flame that killed my loved ones in life,

The reason why I feel BLUE all the time.

This is my meaning; I’m sticking to it,

Call me crazy, I do not care one bit.

As I end this personal poem of mine,

Don’t you dare judge me, leave me I’m fine..

**it's what i'm feeling lately.. the muses just won't stop bugging me, so instead of studying for our prelims for accounting, i came up with this.. it's really nothing.. just feeling lonely and sad for the nth time.. it's beacuse it's January.. and the 3rd year..:((

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