Tuesday, January 20, 2009

hard nitong survey.. haha.. but fun..


* Next to each number, write the name of the person who fits the description.
* Answer one question with one name.
* Don't reveal the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme. Those who want to know what the questions are must do the meme on their own blogs, on pain of wrath from the meme gods.

1) Achie ko.. :P

2) Sarahlyn Manzano:D

3) Bill Gates,, lol..:P

4) Lorvin.. shoti ko.. haha..:D

5) Jolly Ann Golamco.. haha..

6) Deniece Arquiza.. hehe..

7) Olivia Liao

8) Bernadee Uy..

9) Achie:D

10) Kristine Duyan.. hehe..

11) sino nga ba? Lorraine Desengano.. haha..

12) ?? ala maisip..

13) Cassie Go.. haha..

14) Trish Ong.. haha..:P

15) wala e..

16) Filbert Ng Tsai

17) Jolly Ann..

18) Johanna Lim..

19) Kathleen Chan

20) Deniece Arquiza.. haha..

21) ME?? haha..:D

22) hmmm.. Danelle Chan..

23) Teacher Nida.. :P

24) hmmm.. wala..

25) ?? wala akong masagot.. haha..

26) ?? wala ulit..

27) everyone(^o^)

28) Claire Contreras... haha..

29) Billy Gilman..üüü

30) Peace to all.. haha..:D

**grabe.. ang hirap nito.. haha..


Anonymous said...

could u send the questions to me please?sailor_moon_x@hotmail.com tnx!

nuriko said...

me too, send me a copy of the questions
thanks so much

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