Friday, January 02, 2009

year 2008... Best and Worst..

well.. bored lang ako.. i decided to recall the year 2008 and what happened..

the BEST part?

--joining TIGER DRAGONS ROWING CREW.. i got to have a sport and have fun at the same time.. hehe=D di ko naisip na i would be loving sports.. and also have fun doing it.. di kasi ako sporty eh.. ang na-eenjoy ko lang dati si Badminton.. at ang sinasalihan ko lang ay Tug-of-war.. pero ngayon, i have rowing as a sport.. haha..:D at least di na ako lampa.. haha.. and also i got to meet lots of new friends.. and people.. haha.. hopefully, tuloy tuloy lang ang sport na ito.. at di ako magsawa.. right now? I'M LOVING IT.. =D and I love my teammates..hehe..

--higher grades...:D ewan ko if this is because of having a sport.. pero my grades got higher eversince i joined TDRC.. or is it because the lessons are just easier? haha.. i'm motivated when i'm busy and if i have lots of things to do.. therefore, i do better under PRESSURE.. haha,,

--i can cook well.. haha.. dati wala lang.. eggs, hotdogs.. simple stuffs, ngayon adobo, porrk chop, etc.. haha.. basta better.. kasi nawalan ng katulong.. kaya have to do the cooking..

--i decided to sell something(Tamagotchi) and i did well.. daming benta.. haha.. :D

--Lots of penpals.. :D found a site that you can have lots of penpals around the world.. so far i have 8.. haha.. from Poland, FInland(3), Malaysia, Holland, England and Switzerland.. I LOVE receiving letters.. and i'm finally glad to have penpals.. i wish i learned about the site earlier..

--visited TAAL VOLCANO..:D i'm with the teachers from China.. haha.. free trip.. so much fun.. horseback riding paakyat.. and we can actually see the crater.. and we touched one of its mini craters!!:D haha.. tapos akala ng mga guide don na di ako marunong magtagalog.. haha.. kasama ko kasi hindi marunong..

--a party for my 18th birthday.. it was held at summer camp.. but that's better than having none,, pinaiyak pa ako ni kenneth at lance bago nung surprise.. haha.. at may drama pa ni alexis at justin.. pero masaya..:D i was totally surprised,,,:D thanks for the cupcakes.. and sa magic candles.. buti na lang at natunaw.. haha.. kundi andaming candles nun!!:P

--1st ever race at Punta Fuego!! super fun.. haha..:D

WORST part..?

--can't remember.. haha.. there are of course, but i choose to turn them as learning experiences instead of thinking them as the worst part of my life.. haha..

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