Sunday, October 01, 2006

a poem by a senior.. me...:P

how many days till our graduation?
how many days till we part?
though it seems that it's too long
time unfolds us, it's time to start
day by day, bits by bits
it's drawing near, yet we dont't care
life goes on, time flies by
but it's getting nowhere near there
we take our time filling up forms
taking exams here and there
enjoying the new experiences
cherishing the simple moments shared
now's the time to bid farewell
we're passing by the finish line
marching and taking our diplomas
when will it happen again?
life's too short so don't waste time
cherish the moment spent in school
cause it may never happen again.....
what do you think???? is it okay??? my first poem after taking 3 long years of break time...:P
comment on it.. please....

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