Sunday, October 01, 2006

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Sun in Taurus:
Determined, practical and dependable, you take a resourceful and steadfast approach to most matters in life. You like a certain level of consistency in your environment and you often have a natural resistance to change. Other people may view this trait as stubbornness. But Taureans aren't trying to be difficult, they just prefer to stick with the tried and true.

You can be generous or tight-fisted. You are willing to put in the extra effort to accumulate whatever possessions you may have, and you sometimes find it difficult to part with them. You appreciate material comforts and you don't mind indulging yourself, as this Venus-ruled sign has a natural affinity for the good things in life.

don't know if it's true.. just posting it to let you know...
is it accurate?? katulad ko ba talga ang sinasabi niya???
help me decide.. haha..
hindi naman a matter of life and death yan eh..
la lang talaga...

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