Wednesday, December 13, 2006

more updates...

kaka-addict mag-post...
kawawa naman kami.. pile up na naman ng mga assignments... hehe...
pero nung art project ko?? yung self-potrait.. alam ko na grade ko.. nakita ko eh..
92%... hehe.. ang saya.. dahil pinag-hirapan ko talaga yon...
anyway may bago na naman... eto yung poem...
para sa english project namin.. hope you like it.. sige till here muna...
God bless you all...

3 days to live...
I just went to the doctor one day,
He told me I only have 3 days to live.
I pondered and thought just what I could do,
To make my last 3 days on earth more fulfilled.

I asked the doctor ”What’s my disorder?”
He told me it was some sort of rare disease.
I wonder just how that happened to me,
But I wouldn’t waste my time on that, jeez.

I carefully planned my 3-day schedule,
Thinking that everything would go as planned.
But on the first day of my last on earth,
The sun refused to shine.

I threw out the list; it was just a waste,
And I thought of what to do.
I wasted some time thinking about it,
But decided to follow my feet as it walks through.

Along the way, I have noticed some homeless people,
Thinking how unlucky they were.
My last days on earth don’t have to be extravagant,
As long as I know how to share.

I am not wealthy; I don’t have a lot,
But I know that I am precious.
‘Cause someone lives and dwells in my heart,
And that person is ever so gorgeous.

I only have 3 days to live,
But that doesn’t mean it’s a short time.
‘Cause just spending a few minutes with that homeless boy
Can make his whole life just fine.

I shared the story of the man that died,
And rose again on the third day.
He risked his life for us to live,
But the little boy just told me “No way!”

He didn’t believe what I just told him,
But I asked him to listen again.
It won’t take too much of his time,
And the result would be nothing but gain.

I told the story once more,
And added a few more details.
He now understand that it was all true,
And it’s not just merely a tale.

Right then and there, he accepted the Lord,
And I’ve noticed, through him, a different glow.
I’ve never known how fulfilling it was,
To let my true feelings for Jesus show.

For the rest of those 3 days,
All I did was to share.
I didn’t do anything exciting,
All I did was learn how to care.

I figured that life is so short,
We have to make use of what we’ve got.
And we’re so fortunate to know God,
Instead of just lying around a vacant lot.

After 3 days, I passed away,
Knowing that I’ve left a lasting impression.
And that little boy I shared to?
Why, he became a pastor at a congregation!

A little goes a long way,
And I don’t regret what I’ve done,
‘Cause spending those 3 days, spreading the gospel,
Is sure more a lot of fun!

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